Treat the playful birds of your yard or garden to a refreshing bath in our Dish Rock Bird Bath.

The Dish Rock soothes with gentle sounds of trickling water from the boulder into a bed of river rock or pebbles and gives birds a refreshing and fun place to bathe.

Water is continuously moving from the recirculation pump so it won't become stagnant and attract mosquitoes like other types of bird baths.

The Dish Rock Bird Bath Kits are available in two sizes.

Each kit features a custom made Dish Rock, a fountain pump, pump vault, flex pvc pipe, rubber liner, and necessary glues.  You add your own touches with pebbles or river rock (not included).  The kit is easy to install, usually in less than an hour. 

Size Price
16" x 12" $379.00
22" x 14" $459.00
Dish Rock Bird Bath Kits Sizes
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