Bubbler Rock column KITS

Treat yourself to the tranquil sound of trickling water while accentuating your yard or garden with one of our Iron Mountain Bubbler kits.Our Bubbler Kits simplify installationKit#1 by including everything you need in one complete kit. Our light weight Column Fountains make placement and installation effortless compared to natural basalt columns that can weigh up to 80% more than our handmade custom columns. Each kit can be placed in or around existing ponds, have a pond built around it or on a child friendly Dry Gravel System. With a child friendly Dry Gravel System there are no exposed pools of water to attract children. Each Iron Mountain Bubbler Kit features three handmade Fountain Columns in one of the offered size groupings and our fountain plumbing kit. Our kits are easy DIY projects able to be completed in a couple of hours in most cases.

Bubbler - Column Kits is our fountain plumbing kit. It includes all of the necessary components required to install and setup the Bubbler kit of your dreams. Complete plumbing contents: •Underlayment and Rubber Liner •Pump Vault •Pump (sized according to the kit) •25' of 1" flexible PVC pipe •2 - 1" Tees •3 - 1" ball valves •1" Union and male adaptor •3 - 1" Couplers •Glue •2lb container of Algaecide

BUBBLER KITS If you would rather have us install your Iron Mountain Bubbler please contact us for details. Each project will require a review of the site with labor and required site work quoted on a job by job basis.

Kit Size & Description Price
3 column kit


KIT I: Three Columns in 16", 22" & 28" sizes

KIT II: Three Columns in 22", 28" & 34"sizes $1,660.00
KIT III: Three Columns in 28", 34" & 43" sizes $1,890.00
KIT IV: Three Columns in 34", 43" & 54" sizes $2,155.00
KIT V (Custom Kit): CALL FOR QUOTE Completely Custom with up to six Columns various sizes up to 72" high. Can also include Boulders. CALL
Bubbler Rock Height Sizes
4 Column Kit     6 Column Kit        5 Column idea
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